The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Template Files

Drupal core, its modules, and contributed modules provide much of their output in the form of template files. Template files consist of HTML markup and PHP variables. This makes it fairly easy for those with little or no PHP experience to make changes to HTML code.

A simple example of a template file is user-picture.tpl.php (see Listing 15–7). This template is located in the modules/user directory and its purpose is solely to print a site user’s picture as either an image or an image with a link (depending on whether or not the user viewing the photo has access to view user profiles). It wraps the picture in a <div class="user-picture">. This template file will be used anywhere the user_picture theme hook is called, such as the user profile page and author information for nodes and comment (where enabled).

Listing 15–7. Contents of user-picture.tpl.php file.
  1. <?php
  2. /**
  3.  * @file
  4.  * Default theme implementation to present a picture configured for the
  5.  * user's account.
  6.  *
  7.  * Available variables:
  8.  * - $user_picture: Image set by the user or the site's default. Will be linked
  9.  * depending on the viewer's permission to view the users profile page.
  10.  * - $account: Array of account information. Potentially unsafe. Be sure to
  11.  * check_plain() before use.
  12.  *
  13.  * @see template_preprocess_user_picture()
  14.  */
  15. ?>
  16. <?php if ($user_picture): ?>
  17. <div class="user-picture">
  18. <?php print $user_picture; ?>
  19. </div>
  20. <?php endif; ?>

A typical page on a Drupal site is essentially a big tree of nested template files and theme functions. As Figure 15–14 illustrates, this tree begins with larger templates such as html.tpl.php and page.tpl.php files and goes all the way down field.tpl.php, which is used to print fields.

An illustrated screenshot of the Bartik theme which exposes the use of the major templates
Figure 15–14. An example home page using the Bartik theme, which highlights the use of major template files and many custom regions

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