The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Regions and Your Theme

Getting started with your theme regions requires taking a good look at design requirements as well as planning for the unexpected. There are many things to consider, including how site administrators will need to work with blocks and regions, what types of content you have, and how regions play a part in your general layout strategy. As discussed earlier, the default regions are a great starting point. We recommend that you begin defining the defaults in your theme’s .info file and tweaking from there, as shown in Listing 15–5.

Listing 15–5. Drupal’s Default Regions
  1. regions[page_top] = Page Top
  2. regions[header] = Header
  3. regions[highlight] = Highlight
  4. regions[help] = Help
  5. regions[content] = Content
  6. regions[sidebar_first] = Sidebar First
  7. regions[sidebar_second] = Sidebar Second
  8. regions[footer] = Footer
  9. regions[page_bottom] = Page Bottom

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