The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Installing a New Theme

Drupal scans its theme directories for available themes, so it’s important that you place your themes in the right place for Drupal to recognize them. You might also be tempted to add themes to Drupal’s /themes directory, but technically this is considered “hacking core” and should be avoided. After downloading and unpacking your theme, choose one of the following directories in which to place the theme. Using one of these directories will help ensure that any updates you make to Drupal itself will not result in accidentally overwriting your theme.

Use this directory when you want the theme to be available to all sites in your Drupal installation.
Use this directory when you only want the theme available to a specific site in your multisite Drupal installation.

You may also use the theme installer to download and install contributed themes by clicking the Install new theme link at the top of the Appearance page. This will bring you to a form where you can enter the link to the project download’s tarball location and click Install. The theme installer will automatically download your theme and place it in the sites/all/themes directory. Once completed, you can enable the theme as usual on the admin/admin/appearance page.

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