Themery is a small, family owned, web design and development consultancy.

Themery is a small, family owned, web design and development consultancy.

We've been designing and building extensive websites for the better part of the last decade. We take great pride in our work, and genuinely love what we do. It also helps that we're really good at it too. Below is a list of some of our specialties.

IA, UX and Design

Design for the web is about communicating ideas, solving problems and providing a seamless experience for your users. It can be a key factor in the success or failure of your business or product. Our main goal is helping our clients succeed and it’s our belief that success starts with good IA and design. We tailor our designs with content, functionality and your goals in mind.

Drupal Development

We are Drupal experts. We have worked on Drupal sites of all different ends of the spectrum, from small informational sites to large scale multi-site platforms and everything inbetween. We know the right and best way to approach building sites with Drupal, we’ve even written a book about it.

Front-end Development

When it comes to front-end development, we are experts. We’re continuously honing our craft and keeping up with Web Standards so we can provide only the best for our clients. If you’re looking for an awesome front-end for your site, however ambitious your goals are, rest assured we can handle it.

Mobile Web Development

The mobile web is slowly but surely becoming the most important way to get your information to your clients. We have been working in mobile for years and have had a part of some large scale responsive websites and platforms. We know the best techniques and can give our clients a kick-ass mobile presence.

We're good with teams!

We often supplement development teams around the world, assisting in some rather large websites (a lot of which we can't actually talk about). They love working with us! Here are some of the teams we've worked with:

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Who are we?

Jacine Luisi

Web Developer

Jacine Luisi, has been working on websites since 2004 and primarily with Drupal since 2007. Most recently she lead the HTML5 Initiative with a fantastic team of developers who strive to update Drupal 8 to use modern markup and CSS techniques. She has worked on countless projects with some of the best Drupal developers around, for both large and small clients, and takes pride in crafting web sites that are beautiful, accessible and efficient.

Co-author of the celebrated chapters on theming in The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7, Jacine also co-maintained the Markup and CSS components for Drupal 7 and has contributed to a number of themes and modules. She currently resides in Rye Brook, NY, with her husband, Jack, and their Westie, Bailey.

Amanda Rodriguez

Designer & Front-end Developer

Formally trained in the arts, Amanda Rodriguez’s journey to front-end development was quite unconventional. Upon earning a BFA in furniture design, Amanda began work as a fabricator, using materials like wood, metal, and fiberglass to create large scale projects—things like fishing boats, rowing shells, and 30-foot tall Keith Harring and Roy Lichtenstein sculptures. Unsatisfied with the grueling work, she started exploring other interests, at which point tattooing and web design became her primary focus. In 2009, while working as a designer for Flash websites, Amanda’s sister Jacine introduced her to Drupal—and it was love at first click. Amanda immediately began expanding her knowledge of front-end development, and since then she has created countless Drupal themes and worked on a number of well-known sites in Drupal (the Foo Fighters website, for example). A unique combination of designer and front-end developer, Amanda is able to tackle projects from start to finish.

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